Wednesday 12 July 2017

Life Lately (The Storm Before the Calm)

I  feel like end of May was a lifetime ago and June was a blur.  July arrived and I felt like the race was finally over yet I wasn’t  allowed to stop just yet.  Work ended on Friday, 30th and our little family was on the road to Candle Lake on July 1st.  I will say just walking through the cabin doors, I finally felt the weight of the month of June lift and release me.  I am happy to report, one week late I feel like a human.  A relaxed, sun kissed, re-energized and re-invigorated woman, mother and wife.  HELLO SUMMER!!!!


Let’s take a look at our family in May/June.

Dance recitals.  The girls were absolutely beautiful, I may be slightly biased, and they danced so well.  This mom survived another season of dance, hair and make-up.  Though we all feel like Halie shines on the stage, she has decided to trade her dancing shoes in for cowboy boots come next school year and we have finally caved and agreed to pay for riding lessons, with the understanding that owning a horse is probably never going to be in the cards.


Fairy Gardens.  Halie and I managed to recreate our own version of the fairy gardens from last year, SEE HERE, and though my pots had a hard time getting started they are in full bloom now.


Babies.  We met two beautiful babies in June.  Our friends Karli & Shaun welcomed  baby Elizabeth into their family on April 15, 2017 and we got to meet her when they visited in June.  Karli and I were also gifted Tim Mgraw & Faith Hill tickets for Christmas, so we enjoyed a night out without the kids. 

Anya and baby Libby.

Halie thought she was pretty precious.


Logan and I also were able to meet Rebecca Wardell when she made her appearance on June 19, 2017.  She is welcomed into the world by her parents, 3 siblings, extended family and numerous friends.  There is just something about holding babies that makes the world feel balanced (well until they start crying).


End of School Shenanigans.  Yes in the midst of all the June craziness, I decided to give each girl their own end of the school year party with a few of their friends.  Halie had a sleepover and Anya had a slip-n-slide/chocolate fondue party.  Even though it’s one more thing, I am so happy to take the time to have their friends over and to watch them interact with their peers.  The years are short with them and I do want them to try to look back on their childhood with fond memories.  End of the school year is always a little hard for me, knowing that another year is behind me.  I always look at it with a bit of regret and I wish I had…. I love these girls and as much as sometime I just need some breathing room, I don’t want to wish these years away.




On the last day of school I surprised the girls with our very first mother-daughter pedicures. 



Tell me, what are your summer plans/highlights thus far. Or, share a favorite summertime activity that we need to try out as a family.



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