Thursday 10 June 2021

3 Makeup Dupes to Save You Money

Hello!!!!  I am back.  This little unexpected hiatus just kind of happened.  Life got in  the way and honestly I didn't have the energy to do it all so I didn't.  Isn't that just the greatest gift of getting older?  You kind of learn to embrace, except and continue to move forward even when you drop the ball.  Anyway, today I am back finally sharing a post I've been meaning to for a long time now.  I am not a makeup guru and keep my supply actually pretty simple.  That being said, there are things I splurge on such as my Mac foundation, concealer and powder.  If you have a dupe that you think I need to try let me know, but I do love those products and I really appreciate being able to go into the store to have a trained person match my shade for me.  Everything else, I am kind of open to trying various things and here are three dupes that I think are 100% as good as the $$$ items I've purchased.

Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara $30  vs.  Voluminous Primer $7   & Voluminous Mascara $7

I got the Stila Huge lash mascara in my fabfitfun box and LOVED IT!!!!  I did purchase another tube on my own by the $$$ hurt and I really didn't want to continue to dish out that kind of money.  So I tried Voluminous Primer and Mascara combo.  You guys the primer makes a huge difference!  I am now on my second set of the combo and honestly I don't think I need anything more.  

Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner $29 vs.  Elf Intense H2O Proof Eyeliner $8

The Stila eyeliner was also in my fabfitfun box and it was super easy to use, but at $29 for a pencil I couldn't even entertain the idea.  My teen stepped in and introduced me to Elf Intese eyeliner and I see no difference.  Honestly, it's easy to use, great color, smudge proof, lasts all day, at a 1/3 of the price.  My daughter loves a lot of the Elf makeup products but this is the only thing I've tried so far.  

Mac Prep + Prime $40  vs.  The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer $5

Okay, the Mac primer I used for years.  I tried Smashbox and it wasn't good for my skin, I kept breaking out.  I would say the primer is fine.  I didn't love or hate it.  It got the job done and absorbed quickly and made my makeup go on nicely.  Well, guess what The Ordinary primer is 100% just as good in my opinion.  In fact I had an extra bottle of the Mac and I now prefer The Ordinary primer!!!!  And you guys is $5!!!!!

So there you have some of my dupes.  I don't mind spending a little extra here and there but lately I've decided to add a few key products into my skincare routine that I 100% feel are worth the investment as my skin is aging,  read about it here.  

Tell me your best dupes!!!!


  1. Want to try the primer and mascara. My daughter uses many Elf products. We are all cheapskates so appreciate a bargain. Thank you for sharing.

  2. These are great dupes! I use the Voluminous primer and mascara too! Need to try the Ordinary primer! Thanks for sharing!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. I love the Ordinary primer! Thanks for sharing these dupes.

  4. it's nice you've found some cheaper alternatives to products you liked! :) I find all the Ordinary products really nicely priced!

    Hope you're having a nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue