Monday 2 October 2023

Currently: September Edition & Some Outfits

Hi everyone!  I am back!!!!!  Thanks to everyone that has supported me and wished me well as I took a little break from blogging to focus on school start up and getting myself into the groove.  I've missed everyone and am happy to be back.  Let's do a quick round of CURRENTLY.

Currently LOVING:   My new job and school!!!!  It's been a wonderful start to the school year and I've enjoyed getting to know all my co-workers, students and the families.  I am at an elementary school of just over 800 students and they have all been wonderful and welcomed me with open arms.  

This is a project I began with the Grade threes for National Truth and Reconciliation Day.  After reading Phyllis' Orange Shirt we began a 'wishing tree' for Phyllis and asked for students to add to it their wishes for all children in schools and commitments to reconciliation.  Our learning, conversations and act of wearing orange shirts was in hounor of all the children that attended residential schools, the children that never came home, and the families that continue to be affected by this horrific historical event.

Currently READING:  Finished The Maid by Nita Prose and really enjoyed it.  It's light, funny and has a lovable, although naïve, main character.  It reminded me a lot of The Rosie Project and maybe a bit like Anxious People.  

Currently EATING: Tons of tomatoes from my friends garden!  We've had them raw, in salads, cooked, and we all absolutely love and can't get enough of this Bruschetta and Baked
recipe (we used cream cheese instead of the creamed mozzarella).

Currently CELEBRATING:  I did my first half marathon in 6 years.  I crossed the finish line with a smile on my face, with my best friend, and proud of our time, 2:05:21.   My husband also ran a 10km and absolutely crushed it with a time of 49:51 minutes.  In a few days, I am off to visit my sister and I'll be doing another half but by myself this time.  Wish me luck.

Currently OBSSESSED: I am loving this Roasted Expresso candle from a local maker here in our city, Moledro Candle Co.  Currently enjoyed the smell as I work on this blog post.  There is just something so cozy about sweet smells as the days grow shorter and the air cooler.  

Currently WEARING:   September brought us days of sunshine, warmth and the turning of leaves. Since the weather was so lovely, I wore all my favorite summer work clothes one more time!   Sadly Oct. 1st brought the gloominess and rain, so I'll be trading my light layers for cozy sweaters, leggings, long dresses and pants.  

Your turn, tell me what's been happening in your world?  Let's catch up!

P.S.  It's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I want to wish all my Canadian friends a wonderful time sharing and celebrating with their loved ones.


  1. You have the cutest work style! It's been busy lately here... September was very busy and then these last few days, we had a young friend stay with us. Next, tomorrow my uncle and aunt arrive and we leave on vacation on Monday! Will be busy with laundry and packing this weekend. Haven't shopped in 3 whole weeks and am proud of myself! So much to wear as the weather is changing some. Congrats on your half! The one I did in May was so hot, I am having a hard time wanting to do another one.

  2. You did AH-mazing on your half marathon!!! I just had mine last weekend and the weather was a bit of the bummer as it was SO hot... but, I did about average for me and I'm happy to rest a bit now! Ha, ha! I love the bright pinks in your outfit! I bet the candle smells so good!


  3. Way to go on your half! And good luck on your upcoming one! You are going to be great! Fall is fabulous running weather! Love your outfits lately!

  4. Yay on your half-marathon and a wonderful start to the new school year. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Yay for your half marathon! Lots of cute outfits!

    Curated by Jennifer

  6. Congrats on your half marathon and I'm so impressed you are doing another so soon! So glad your school year is off to a great start!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. Yay for the half marathon! I love your work style and that candle sounds like a good one. I have requested The Maid from my library! Dying to read it.

  8. Congratulations on the half marathon! Well deserved and I bet also therapeutic. I miss running! :( And how awesome that you love your new school and job. That’s important as I am finding out with my journey to applying to different schools and positions as well. I have heard of The Maid and I can’t wait to read it but currently our local library is closed for renovation. Definitely on my reading list!

    Maureen |