Sunday 15 October 2023

Falling into Running

Crossing the half marathon finish line with my best friend and training buddy.  Best feeling in the world!


It's been a busy and active fall for me!    It's been years, exactly six, since I've trained and entered a half marathon.  Due to chronic back and hip pain and discomfort, my body just couldn't take the training.  After trying so many different things, chiropractor, massage, shockwave therapy, yoga, rolling/stretching, cupping, etc, I found dry needling along with stretching to be the combination for me.  This year I was able to train and do a 62 km road bike race, a 10km fun run, and 2 back to back half marathons.  AND I got a PB last weekend as I crossed the finish line of a half marathon in Victoria, BC which also was my very first half marathon 15 years ago!!!!  Age 26 time was 2:13:12 vs. age 41 at 2:00:11.  Can you believe it?  I can't tell you the joy I feel that I can move my body in such a way once again without chronic pain.  I am so grateful to have my health, to feel strong, to have the ability and health coverage to do the treatments that help my body stay healthy and strong.  I am also grateful for my husband and best friend that support and helped me train this year.  I am literally on cloud 9!  I want to encourage others to find an activity that you love.  Make it a daily habit. Find a friend to be accountable to.  Find something to work towards.  Celebrate your success and the progress.  Don't get caught up in the finish but be proud of the journey.  I never anticipated a personal best, although such a wonderful surprise, the fact that I could do that training again is truly the a gift.  Being able to try something new (biking), encouraging my two girl friends to do the triathlon with me, my BFF to do her first marathon and to see my husband achieve his personal best in a 10km, that is my celebration!    These are my happy moments.  And it's also nice to see myself at 41 kicking my 26 year old butt, LOL.  Next year, I am going to do a duathlon which I've never done, and a whole lot more of this,  I hope.

Ladies of the 80s at our first triathlon.  2024 will even be better!

Ages 40, 41 & 42.

We were all smiles after the Step-Up for Mental Health race.  

15 or 16 km into the half.

Candle Lake Fun run with the best lake neighbors.

My very first half was the Royal Victoria Marathon 16 years ago at 2:13:12 and by Personal Best was there last week at 2:00:11.

Pure joy!

My sister was waiting for me at the finish line, yelling "you got your personal best.  you did it!!!"

Post race treats!

Now, let's talk fall running.  Fall is one of the nicest seasons to run outdoors.  It's not too hot and not too cold.  It's also one of the prettiest seasons to run with the changing colors, the glowing sunrises and sunsets.  It's also the season when many of the races that you've been training for happen, as the outdoor running season comes to a close for many parts of the world and many runners, although I will argue that really doesn't have to happen as I run through our harsh winters with proper gear, see here.  Regardless, of whether you choose to run or not through winter, fall is a season that should be taken full advantage of and requires only a few additions and switch outs to your running gear.  

My staples for fall running are:

Swiftly Long Sleeve Shirt from LuluLemon (early fall and excellent for layering under a run jacket in winter; on sale!)

Rulu Run Half Zip (later fall)

Swift Speed High Rise Crop (early fall and excellent for spin class; on sale)

Fast & Free Tights (my favorite anytime of the year, in classic black)

Flip Belt (phone & keys; never moves; I have a size small)

Water Belt (for those longer runs)

Garmin Vivoactive HR Watch (this is an expensive purchase and there are many Aps that you can download for free to track your pace and distance.  I love my watch but you don't need it!)

Tell me what is your favorite way to keep fit?


  1. Congrats!!!!! My one gym instructor just ran a 26 mile race yesterday! I could never so I always applaud people who run.

    Curated by Jennifer

    1. That's incredible. A full marathon is not one of my goals but I can appreciate the people who do it.

  2. Congratulations on your PB! That is amazing and you are an inspiration! I haven't been able to run in years and need to find a solution to my joint pain.

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Running is so hard on the joints and I know that one day my body will resist it, and it has in the past. I have come to really enjoy spin classes and daily walks with my husband and pup.

  3. What great accomplishments! My one and only half was so hard and I walked so much as it was the most humid day we had back in May. I do think I want to try to train for another one this spring. I am trying to decide on a 10K at the end of this month. I do not run as much anymore and am trying to diversify how I exercise. Our last running club, 12 of us walked instead of ran: many or experiencing pains: the older set is us lol!

  4. That is so awesome Bo, running after all that time and getting a PB! Woo hoo! All of your hard work has paid off!

  5. Congrats on smashing out all the runs and getting a personal best! It's good you are able to reach all your goals, and you've found an exercise that really works for you :)

    Thanks for joining the link up!

  6. Check you out!! You cut almost 15 minutes off your time. I am so proud of you. I guess that dry needling and stretching are doing the trick indeed. I am just so proud of YOU!!

    I usually try to do a 5K a couple of times a year. Did one in the spring. Need to find one for this fall. That is about the longest distance I can do these days. Just ordered a new treadmill that arrived today. Maybe I can up my running a little this fall. You inspire me.

    Just found a race!! Excited to do it. Hoping I do half as well as you. XO