Thursday 4 February 2016

Faux Fur Fun

Yesterday I ventured out to Winners in hopes that I might be able to find a faux fur vest. I had been debating getting one since the fall and I ended up purchasing one for my sister but not for myself. As I was wondering around Winners I found this fur coat and it was on SALE, like $25 on sale!!! I tried it on, wasn't completely sure but picked it up anyway. Today I decided, what the heck it was $25 and I do like to play dress-up. I paired it up with my favorite purchase from this past fall, the suede skirt, stripped tee, a locket and white booties. I was ready for another awesome day presenting to the some of the people I admire most, teachers.

Coat: Winners
Suede Skirt: Smart Set
Stripped Shirt: H & M shirt
Booties: Nine West


  1. I need some fur! I am not as brave as you, though. I am thinking I MIGHT be able to do a vest!

  2. I would not have purchased it either if it wasn't so cheap. For $25, I thought I would give it a try. I do think a vest would be way more versatile though but I couldn't find anything when I went to the mall. If you find something let me know.