Monday 15 February 2016

Winter White and Coffee Stains

If you know me well you know I am extremely clumsy, especially with my coffee.  I drink and spill a LOT of coffee on myself, so white is usually not a recommended color for people like me.  A year and a half ago I joined Allison’s Style challenge, link, unfortunately it’s just too expensive now therefore I don’t participate anymore, but one of the items I dared to buy were white pants.  I have to say I LOVE them and to my surprise, almost a year later, I still have them without any permanent stains.  What I realized is that I am actually much more careful when I wear white and don’t nearly spill as often, though I did manage to dump a whole mug of coffee on my white skirt at work.  The good news is that by putting bleach directly on the stain, I got the coffee stain out (I don't recommend this but it's what I did).  A tip I have for clumsy people wearing white, is pack an extra top/bottom in your work bag just in case you have an accident at work. I know have several white pieces of white clothing including a lace top, white jeans, a white skirt and a white dress coat (courtesy of my sister’s closet).  Here is how I’ve been wearing white this winter. 

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