Sunday 21 February 2016

Week Long Love Affair with Skinny Jeans: Mommy Style

I had this past week off from work and decided to take advantage by wearing my jeans almost everyday.  I currently work in an office that is fairly conservative so I tend to wear a lot of pencil skirts (which I love), dresses and dress pants.  When  I am at home, my  "go-to"  bottoms are my Lulu Lemon pants (which I've had forever), skinny jeans and occasionally leggings.  This was how I wore my jeans over the last ten days while still having the ability to hang out with the girls and do the things they want to do such as painting, working on crafts, helping me in the kitchen, even teaching me gymnastics moves, which I attempted ungracefully.  It was so nice to have the week off but it's back to skirts, dresses and trousers tomorrow.  Have a great week everyone!


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    1. Thanks Deena. It was so nice to just wear jeans, and the occasional yoga pant outfit this past week. :) Hope your first day back went well. I am glad to be back in a bit of a routine but looking forward to summer holidays (I know it's a long way off).

  2. Love them all. I especially love the poncho. I also love layers, so the plaid under the sweater hits the spot. I have that navy scarf!

    1. Thanks Jordan. I love layers too especially since I am always chilled. Logan says I am not human because my feet and hands are always freezing cold. :) I was just talking to Erin tonight and I really need to invest in a few new scarves. Hope your Feb. break was good.