Tuesday 20 September 2016

A Refreshed New Look

Ahhhh.  I just wrapped up my first big professional development presentation of the year and I am exhausted.  I am enjoyed the 20 minutes of piece and quite in my house while my husband is out with the girls.  Though I feel tired, I also find the whole process exhilarating and meeting all the new K-Gr. 3 teachers that I will be working with this year is the best part.  The team I work with is funny, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and invigorating. 

With the start of a new year comes a fresh new look so I treated my self to a new hair color/highlight combo.  You know when you are a mom and this is just the most pampering you get so you are excited for days?!?  Well I was and then........My color was awful!!!!  :(  I wanted to cry.  I came home and my 9 year old asked why I had "gray" hair pieces.  (not the best time to hear this honesty) What do you do in these situations?  I usually just want to pay again and have it fixed by someone else but being as we are really watching our spending at the moment, I texted the lady who did it and I was just honest with her that this was not at all what I had hoped for.  She was WONDERFUL and had me come in the next day, she put a toner on it and though it's not what I indented, I feel that I can live with it and feel good about it. 

Old hair color. Bye, bye, summer.
Strange, ash color that I didn't like.
New Fall Color!


What do you do to spruce up your look or to pamper yourself?


  1. Love the new color! It's such a pretty rich brunette!

  2. Thank you. I am much happier with the end result, even though I had a different color in mind. :)