Sunday 18 September 2016

DIY: Musical Wall

This is such an easy DIY project friends. If I can do it, anyone can.  I am not usually that crafty but as I am getting older I am becoming willing to step out of my comfort zone more often.   This spring I was looking for some new pictures for PWIM (Picture Word Inductive Model that our school division uses for language arts and a beginning place for inquiry in K-Gr.3) I came across an outdoor symphony photograph, that we got permission to use for educational purposes, and  I loved that these children are exploring music in an non-traditional classroom and in a non-traditional way (a mix of real and created instruments).  Right away I knew I wanted to bring that idea of music, the outdoors and non-traditional instruments to our youngest learners to explore and hopefully be inspired to learn and create new ways of creating music.   



-palette                                          -xylophone                                                   -cheese grater

-screws                                          -wooden spoons                                           -egg beater

-nails                                             -plastic container                                           -metal bowl

-hammer                                       -cheese grater                                                -metal colander

-power drill                                   -pot                                                               -soup cans   

-utility hooks     


 -an item that I found at Value Village but don't know what it is, but it makes a great sound!


 ****Anything you can find that would make a unique sound is a good buy.  I was really hoping to find a wooden wind chime but no luck.

The set-up, assembly and clean-up took maybe an hour, so you don't need a lot of time.  


First step:   I took off the xylophone pieces from the instrument and string them on twine.  Be sure to think about the length of the twine so that they all hang at the same length once you place them on the palette.  I used nails to hang the xylophone pieces off of.  

Second step: I lined everything up on the palette to see what arrangement would work best.  I had to rearrange it a few times.

Third step:  Start working!  I used a power drill for the very first time in my life and it made me feel STRONG, EMPOWERED, and HANDY.  


Fourth step:  Clean up.


Fifth step:  HAVE FUN!!!!  My girls were thrilled with the wall and they created musical patterns, concerts, incorporated dance, etc.  Let's just say it's a new favorite toy and who cares that it makes a ton of noise, it's outside.

This musical wall I am taking to work to give away as a prize for new teachers but I have promised the girls that we can go shopping and purchase new items so that we can make another one to keep in our backyard.  Total cost was approximately $40. If you are a teacher you could easily give parents a list of possible items that you might need and I  bet everyone would be happy to bring at least one item.    I am actually considering making one for our nephew as a birthday present, something different and unconventional. 


  1. Brilliant! My kids are really into drumming right now and I bet they would love this.

    1. The girls love it and I love that it's outside :)