Friday 30 September 2016

Mustard Yellow Pants Four Ways


I don't know about you but when the weather starts to grow colder and the days get shorter, I gravitate towards dark colors such as gray, black, white & black, brown, burgundy, etc.  Here in Saskatchewan the cold days come faster and stronger than most other places and I have to make two conscious decisions:

#1 To keep moving/exercising even though it's dark when I get up

#2 To keep color in my wardrobe


Today I am going to share how I am wearing these bright, mustard yellow pants that I recently purchased at Banana Republic.  I love the color but I am not crazy about how tight they are.  The girl at the store assured me that these would stretch a full size and not to go with the size larger but that hasn't happened and I often feel self conscious in them.  I just might go back this week to see if they still have some and pick them up in a larger size, because you know winter weight is coming my way and I'd like to been comfortable in them. 


#1 Cozy Style:  This is my favorite outfit because it's totally mommy/playground functional, as well as work appropriate without the puffer vest.  I've had this vest for probably close to 10 years now.  I LOVE it in the fall while the evenings are still warm enough to layer it over a long sleeved shirt.  Give me a cup of coffee and off we go to the park!

#2 Work Attire:  Business casual is the way to go around the office most days.  A simple white tea with a navy blazer was a perfect balance to these bring pants in the office.  To add just a little more spunk to the outfit, I pulled out my leopard print booties; it's been way too long!

#3 Polka dots and riding boots.  This was the first way I styled the pants while out doing errands in the city in early September.  Looking back, it just might be a bit too much color for me. 


#4 Simply Everyday:  I would wear this for work, errands, coffee with friends or going to the park with the kids.  What makes this outfit is the beautiful beading on the sweater and the simple, neutral flats.  This sweater is an oldie but a goodie.  The day I wore it I just wasn't feel my best self and I needed something a little less fitted was the way to go. 


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Any suggestions of what else I can pair with these bright, bold pants?

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  1. Love mustard for fall! I am wearing this shade on my blog tomorrow!