Friday 26 January 2018

Fashion Friday: Make a Statement with a Winter Sweater

This sweater had me at the big statement sleeves.  I set my sights on it way back in November and it immediately made it to the top of my Xmas wishlist.  Santa didn't let me down and it was nicely wrapped underneath the tree.  I want to pair it up with my suede skirt for the office but last weekend I went the  casual route as we took the girls to tour  the University.  The beauty of this sweater is that it has so much going on, with the bold, floral embroidery and the puffy sleeves that you don't need to add  accessories.  Eyes will just be naturally drawn to the sweater so you can keep everything else basic. I have three different pairs of Expression booties from the Bay and love them all.  These gray ones were a December purchase and I only paid $50!

This little tour that we did with the girls was the best.  Have you ever toured university grounds with your kiddos?  I value education but I didn't always give much thought to how incredibly important it was for them to have experiences going o a big place like the university.  Why is it important for kids as young as 7 to go there you ask?  Well I feel that they need to hear and see  us, their parents,  talking about post-secondary options in a way that opens their mind to many avenues in life.  I am not stuck on my children going to university, but I do want them to see their future full of opportunities, options and potential.  Currently Anya is exploring dinosaurs at school, excavation and geology, and we are so lucky to have numerous displays that are open to the public right in our city so we took a little tour.  As a result we also toured through the agricultural building and we saw the veterinary college which caught Halie's attention.  As we walked to the car, Halie confidently said, "I want to come here.  I want to go to university."  Music to my ears.  It might change but in her 11 year old mind she sees that as a valid option for her future and I couldn't be happier. 

What are you up to this weekend?  

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  1. No wonder it s sold out! It s very nice! Thank you for linking up on Fancy Friday!

  2. What a great sweater! I love the fact that the detailing is also on the sleeves which gives it much more interest! It's very pretty and can be worn dressed up or down. Perfect!
    Suzy x

    1. Thanks Suzy. It's very eye catching in that way but without being too much. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. That sweater is just beautiful! I love the embroidery detailing on the sleeves! Such a great top!

  4. This sweater is so pretty on you! I love the detail on it and the contrast against the black. It looks like the tour of the university was a great day. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  5. What a pretty sweater. I love the detail.

  6. I love that sweater! It's so beautiful! Sweaters are my favorite fashion staples.


  7. I love embroidery detailing on tops. This is so cute and I know it's got to be cozy for winter. You look gorgeous in this!

  8. Love this gorgeous embroidered top! Thanks for linking up with Ada's 100th Thursday Moda!

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