Sunday 14 January 2024

Cozy and Warm at Home

Friends I live in a deep freeze. This is no joke.  All of last week it was dangerously cold, and we are beginning this week in much the same way.  The good news is that after this week we are returning to more seasonable cold weather which will feel like a dream.  Needless to say we have been staying indoors unless we absolutely have to leave the house and of course go to work, drive kids to activities and appointments.  When at home, I love to cozy up on my couch with Oreo to keep my company, a cup of coffee and a good book. Sidenote: Bridgeton book  #1, The Duke and I was soooooooooo good, I couldn't put it down. The first book I read in 2024.  

This snow white, oversized, cable knit sweater was a gift at Christmas.  I saw it as an add in November, added the link to my Christmas wish list and my sweet husband got it for me.  It's sooooooooo soft, cozy and loose.  After all the holiday treats, and sitting in the house, I am leaning towards spending a lot of time in my leggings and oversized sweaters and sweater dresses.  😉This outfit is perfectly cozy for lounging around at home, but I have also worn it to work and to run errands.  Honestly it's just kind of an all around great casual look. I just added some gold tone accessories to dress it up and off I go to work.  

                                     What's your comfort wear at home or at work?

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  1. It's been cold here too!! Not as cold as you. Yesterday was -14 C but felt like -24 C. It sucks.

    Curated by Jennifer

    1. That's definitely cold. Yikes! Keep warm and cozy.

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  3. As you know we are in the deep freeze here in Indiana as well, it’s currently -20°F and I am here for it. I actually have not left the house in three days and don’t plan on getting out until tomorrow although it’s still going to be cold, I finally must commit to a few errands. You look absolutely precious, that is a great sweater. I also want to thank you for your precious comments on my blog today, you really lifted my spirits and everything you said resonates with me deeply. Have a great week ahead!

  4. It's cold here in North Florida, too. We have experienced 30-degree overnight temps this week. I also like to cozy up for a few days. But a few days are enough.

  5. What a beautiful sweater. I love that it is a bit oversized but not too much so. I know you have needed all the layers and cozy clothes this winter. It's been a season for the record books for you guys.

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