Wednesday 14 March 2018

How to Fill Your Tween's Easter Basket

Easter is just a couple of weeks away now and I have been compiling a list of things to put in the kids Easter baskets this year. 

MOM EASTER FAIL STORY.  Last year I wrote an  Easter blog post of ideas, and also a free printable Easter Egg hunt here.  The week of Easter,  Halie was flipping through my phone gallery  and found all the pictures!!!!  She asked why I had pictures of Easter candy and stuff on my phone?!?  I had to take EVERYTHING back to the store and start the shopping over again.  ARGH! Lesson learned, no pictures of presents should be left on the phone, ever! 


Moving on.  For tween gift you have to think Mini Adults! All the gifts are linked below.   Tweens, ages 8-12,  start really start to explore 'adult like' products and accessories.  For example, both of my girls just love products from Bath & Body Works such as the hand sanitizers and the fun little holders.  I just buy them a few to keep with their lunch kit and backpack in case they don't have time to go wash their hands properly in the bathroom before eating lunch (side note: our lunch hours are super rushed here and kids usually have like 10- 15 minutes to eat).  I also find that they enjoy getting 'adultish' gifts such as wallets, watches, purses, etc.   Generally I am a fan purchasing  books for any occasion but it's nice to shake things up and get them a magazine instead.  The American Girl magazines are so good for younger girls, up to 11, with  many positive messages and great articles to read.  This year I am excited to give Halie the Discovery Girl magazine as she is really into makeup, hair, etc, but not ready for some of the other brands out there.  Discovery Girl got excellent reviews for age-appropriate content on Amazon. 


In order to keep myself from going overboard I have compiled a minimalist Easter list to keep in mind while shopping. 

What do you include in your childs Easter basket?  What are you Easter rituals and traditions?


Shop This Post: 

Eiffel Tower Watch

Cat Ear Purse

Magic Makeup Eraser 

Claire's Unicorn Makeup Brush

Claire's Unicorn Makeup Bag

Mini Hand Sanitizer

Mini Hand Sanitizer Holder

Mini Hand Lotion 

BonBon Water Bottle 

5 Second Rule

Spot It Game

Mini Eggs 

Lindt Chocolate Bunny

Cadbury Lil Scoops 

Discovery Girls Magazine

American Girl Magazine


  1. Awesome ideas....easter goodies are on my list for next week...perfect timing for this post- thanks!

    1. Thanks Dee. I need to get it all done ASAP too. So many things to do, so little time. Sigh. (my morning positivity is overwhelming, lol).

  2. I don't have a tween yet BUT i love this list, especially the cute water bottle!

  3. Great ideas! Thank you. Visiting you from the welcome wednesday link up.